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Rhonda Allison Skin Care Products


Thank you for visiting the official Dermasthetica website.  As an Authorized Rhonda Allison Vendor, we are dedicated to offering you only the freshest product.  In an effort to bring awareness to our clients, and to ensure you are purchasing only authorized Rhonda Allison product, consumers need to be aware that if they purchase from such institutions as eBay or Amazon, or unlicensed skincare professionals, their product may be diluted, expired or counterfeit.  Such product is considered to be "diverted" and may not be safe to use or perform as tested and may not have the backing of Rhonda Allison corporate in the event of an issue



Antioxidant & Nourishment EYE CARE


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Gentle Milk Cleanser

Gentle Milk Cleanser is a light, all-purpose daily cleanser that may be mixed with other cleansers and used as an eye make-up remover. The natural milk nutrient bathes and hydrates skin gently while cleansing away surface residue. It is perfect for very sensitive skin and the ideal choice for cleansing skin following laser and other aggressive procedures.
All Skin Types - Sensitive, Rosacea, Dry, Fragile

1 oz - $12.00

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4 oz - $30.00

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Citrus Gel Cleanser 

With a tantalizing fragrance, Citrus Gel Cleanser lathers and foams, leaving skin squeaky clean. All skin types will benefit from the all-natural herbal essence of Citrus Gel. Well suited for sensitive, rosacea-prone skin and as a post-peel cleanser.
All Skin Types - Sensitive, Rosacea, Dry, Fragile

1 oz

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4 oz - $30.00

Skin Brightening Cleanser

This is the perfect all purpose cleanser for anyone prone to hyperpigmentation. When added to a bleaching home care program, Skin Brightening Cleanser enhances the results and continues to aid in the suppression of melanin once the skin has lightened. An excellent daily wash for pre and post laser to control pigment changes due to the procedure. All Skin Types - Skin Discolorations

1 oz - $12.00


4 oz - $32.00

Pumpkin Cleanser

All-purpose daily cleanser removes surface residue and protects against free radical damage. It has a high content of vitamin A and beta carotene, two potent antioxidant ingredients; combined with natural surface-reducing lipids and essential oils, Pumpkin Cleanser provides important nutrition for the skin. With a wonderfully appealing scent and gentle enough for ultra sensitive skin, Pumpkin Cleanser cleanses deeply for normal to oily skin types. If pumpkin is drying for some skins, recommend mixing with Gentle Milk Cleanser for a creamy, luscious cleanse. Dry to Normal, Combination - Photo-Aged, Dehydrated

1 oz - $12.00


4 oz - $32.00

Beta Green Tea Cleanser

This all-purpose, foamy wash cleanses and freshens skin thoroughly, reduces surface oils, and gently and therapeutically enhances the cleaning of problematic skin. The balance of Salicylic Acid and Heart of Green Tea form an effective blend to minimize surface bacteria. The synergy of Beta Green Tea Cleanser provides a deep pore cleanse and healing elements for the skin.

Normal to Oily - Rosacea, Sensitive, Congested, Acne-Prone.

1 oz - $12.00


4 oz - $32.00

Glycolic Herbal Wash

This is an excellent daily glycolic, herbal-based cleanser that lathers as it is worked into the skin. Glycolic Herbal Wash leaves the skin feeling squeaky clean and aids in the control of bacteria while alpha hydroxy softens skin cells and reduces cellular build-up; extremely beneficial for oily, impure, toxic, and acne skins.
Normal to Oily - Thick, Photo-Damaged, Acne-Prone.

1 oz - $12.00


4 oz - $32.00

All Purpose Cleansing Pads

Whether it is a second cleanse to control bacteria or a quick rinse and wipe on the go, All Purpose Cleansing Pads offer serious skin cleansing at your fingertips. Loosens and removes surface residue from skin gently and effectively and provides antiseptic, antibacterial, and antioxidant support; quick and easy for fresh, clean skin.
All Skin Types - Bacteria Prone Skin.

30 - $17.00


60 - $32.00


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Clarifying Beads

Clarifying Beads is a pH balanced, all-natural, emulsifying, exfoliating cleanser that may be used by itself or as an addition to an all-purpose cleanser. The tiny jojoba beads gently lift and slough surface dirt and debris, yet is not drying to the skin; leaves skin smooth and soft with no irritation.  All Skin Types - All Skin Conditions.

2 oz - $19.00


4 oz - $34.00

Brightening Scrub

With deep-cleansing capabilities, Brightening Scrub brightens and lightens skin tone, exfoliates surface dead cells, and is antiseptic and antibacterial; supports and enhances any lightening program.
All Skin Types - Dry, Combination, Oily, Hyperpigmentation, Skin Lacking Luster.

2 oz - $24.00


4 oz - $44.00

Beta Action Scrub

Beta Action Scrub is a natural granular scrub from sea algae combined with supportive skin-balancing ingredients; an effective way to gently remove surface dead skin cells and build-up while providing antibacterial support.
All Skin Types - Normal to Oily, Problematic, Sensitive Skin.

2 oz - $20.00


4 oz - $36.00

Pumice Wash

Pumice Wash is a potent antibacterial, exfoliating cleanser for thicker, textured, coarse, oily and problematic skin. The micro-beads combined with Salicylic Acid cause a mild exfoliation and the active ingredient Totarol (a natural antibacterial) helps to control the amount of bacteria on the skin.
Normal to Oily - Problematic / Acne, Thick Skin.

2 oz - $24.00


4 oz - $44.00


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Purifying Lotion

This refreshing, soothing lotion can be applied to the skin daily and is especially suited to people who live in heavily congested metropolitan areas. Purifying Lotion is the answer to antioxidant systems found in the skin. It may also be used to assist in the treatment of lupus, multiform erythema, psoriasis, photo allergic and photo toxic reaction and atopic dermatitis.  Most Skin Types - Environmentally Stressed.

1 oz - $14.00


4 oz - $30.00

Pumpkin Rinse

With deep-cleansing capabilities, Brightening Scrub brightens and lightens skin tone, exfoliates surface dead cells, and is antiseptic and antibacterial; supports and enhances any lightening program.
All Skin Types - Dry, Combination, Oily, Hyperpigmentation, Skin Lacking Luster.

1 oz - $14.00


4 oz - $36.00

Brightening Pigment Lotion

Key brightening agents are partnered with balancing and building nutrients to support skin during the cleansing phase and to assist in brightening skin tone. Brightening Pigment Lotion contains Daisy Flower Extract and is a highly efficient skin lightener that influences different pathways involved in melanin formation. Rice Extract is moisturizing, soothing and conditioning.
All Skin Types - Hyperpigmentation, Acne Discoloration.

1 oz - $16.00


4 oz - $40.00

Beta Green Tea Lotion

Beta Green Tea Lotion is valuable for many skin regimens due to the balance of antioxidants and repair ingredients. An ideal all-purpose skin toner to balance oil, provide antioxidant support, and offer purifying benefits for the skin, Beta Green Tea Lotion is an ideal toner to use after any extraction treatment due to its antiseptic benefits.
Normal to Oily - Acne Prone, Reactive, Problematic.

1 oz - $14.00


4 oz - $36.00

Raspberry Lotion

This all-natural, freshening after-cleanse lotion will provide an antibacterial, anti-inflammatory response to impure, oily, acne prone skins. Raspberry Lotion is supportive for many skin types due to the synergistic blend of antioxidants and rejuvenating acids. The mild cooling sensation makes this a tolerable lotion for even the most sensitive skins.
Normal to Combination - Photo-Aged, Excess Sebum.

1 oz - $14.00


4 oz - $36.00

Fruit Acid Botanical

A potent regeneration lotion that also controls sebum production - developed for thick, acne-prone skin. This lotion is in a 100% botanical base and is useful to swab lesions to control hormonal breakouts and other skin flare-ups. Men who are not accustomed to wearing topicals prefer this light solution. Fruit Acid Botanical absorbs into the skin immediately, leaving the skin feeling smooth and taut. May be used with recommended moisturizer.
All Skin Types - Oily, Acne, Congested, Problematic.

1 oz - $14.00


4 oz - $36.00


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Naturale Mega Brightening Serum

The benefits of natural plant extracts and herbs for serious skin brightening and maintenance are increased by the synergy of this powerful mega complex. Boosted with additional lighteners, this is an up-scaled formula from the original Naturalé Brightening Serum. Natural Mega Brightening Serum supplements skin with antioxidant, healing, and moisturizing bioactives, while at the same time brightening sallow complexions and improving pigmentation disorders.
All Skin Types - Dry, Combination, Oily, Photo-Damaged, Hyperpigmented, Acne (Grade I – II).

0.5 oz - $21.00


1 oz - $38.00

Skin Brightening Gel

Skin Brightening Gel is a fast, effective way to lighten pigmented skin initially and is the only Rhonda Allison super-bleaching formula containing hydroquinone. Skin Brightening Gel inhibits the production of melanin (pigment), and exfoliates and brightens the skin.
All Skin Types - Hyperpigmentation

0.5 oz - $21.00


1 oz - $38.00

C-Peptide Complex

C-Peptide Complex (formerly known as Super C Serum) provides a potent dose of free radical scavenging with a powerful blend of L-Ascorbic Acid and an active blend of our collagen-boosting peptide, and dry marine collagen. The rejuvenating benefits of C-Peptide Complex gives you a daily dose of Vitamin C and essential protein. This all-important complex is a must for every skin for continued support against free radical damage and to strengthen skin tissue, while increasing collagen production.
All Skin Types - Photo-Aged, Environmentally Stressed.

0.5 oz - $48.00

Mandelic Arginine Serum

Mandelic Arginine Serum is a gentle rejuvenating and healing formula with natural antioxidant benefits. Arginine (L), one of the 20 main amino acids, accelerates wound healing, promotes collagen synthesis and increases skin elasticity while Mandelic Acid, with a pH of 3.4, is found in almonds and strong enough for mild exfoliation. It has long been used as an antiseptic because of its antibacterial activity. Studies suggest it could be beneficial in the treatment of skin problems such as photoaging, irregular pigmentation, and acne.
All Skin Types - Reactive, Impure, Pigmented, Rosacea.

0.5 oz - $40.00

Organic A Complex

Organic A Complex is a unique blend of Retinol, organic stem cell technology, and organic veggies and herbs that lends a gentle, yet potent approach to healthy skin and a flawless complexion. With regular use, the gentle, subtle effects of this cosmeceutical formula will reverse the signs of aging skin, offering a preventive solution for young skins. Organic A may be used on a wide range of skin conditions; the overall benefits – skin renewal and strengthening.
All Skin Types - Reactive, Impure, Pigmented, Rosacea.

0.5 oz - $50.00

Salicylic serum (Beta A Conditioner)

Beta A Conditioner aids in preventing the formation of microcomedones, accelerates the cell cycle, assists in regulating collagen synthesis and improves the skins water barrier. Beta A also stimulates the new growth of tiny blood vessels, inhibits melanasomes within melanocytes, and speeds up the production of collagen. Regular use will provide antiseptic, antibacterial, and brightening support. Beta A Conditioner will rejuvenate, condition, and strengthen skin as well as assist in softening fine lines and minimizing pores while smoothing and freshening skin.    All Skin Types - Rosacea, Sensitive Skin.

1 oz - $56.00

Retinol Supreme

Retinoic Acid has a beneficial, restorative effect on skin tissue. Retinol Supreme adds the perfect balance to strengthen the integrity of the skin; a super charged serum that works deep into the skin for maximum skin regeneration support - texture, fine lines, and overall appearance improve dramatically.   

All Skin Types - Aging.

0.5 oz - $50.00

Skin Smoothing Gel

Skin Smoothing Gel is effective agent against acne, reducing the signs of aging skin, minimizing pores, increasing circulation, and improving the overall appearance of skin. The 10% silky, firming AHA polymer gel penetrates the skin and interacts more precisely with the skin’s natural polymers, elastin, and collagen. Collagen and elastin are 30% glycine, so the use of a polymer will more efficiently supply glycolic acid to the area where it will benefit skin the most. Skin Smoothing Gel may also be used alternately or simultaneously with Retinol products to enhance the results.   All Skin Types - Problematic, Photo-Aging.

0.5 oz - $16.00


1 oz - $25.00

Skin Refine Gel

Antiseptic, exfoliating, and restorative. Skin Refine Gel is an effective ally against acne, impure, and oily skin. The keratin bond is loosened and lifted as the blend of beta acid with alpha hydroxy acid provides a balanced synergy that supports the repair of the skin. Daily use of the Skin Refine Gel will give skin a healthier appearance, reducing wrinkles and improving fine lines. Skin will be smoother and softer and surface oils will be reduced; comedones will lessen and be easier to extract.

Normal - Oily - Course, Pigmented, Comedones, Scaring, Photo-Aging

0.5 oz - $25.00


1 oz - $44.00

Blemish Serum

Blemish Serum is a blend of natural soothing and antiseptic ingredients that support problematic skin conditions gently and effectively. Containing natural antibacterial ingredients that are potent, yet effective, Blemish Serum will enhance purity and clearing of skin blemishes.
All Skin Types - Problematic, Impure, Acne.

0.5 oz - $13.00


1 oz - $21.00

Blemish Complex (BPO Rx)

Blemish Complex is a paraben-free benzoyl peroxide (no PEGS) formulation. Offering a soothing, natural alternative, this BPO formula is mixed with a combination of allantoin, aloe vera and a special crosspolymer blend to further enhance its calming and anti-inflammatory properties. With the perfect blend of bacteria-fighting and sebum-reducing support, Blemish Complex will clear blemishes while leaving skin healthy and hydrated - your ally against acne lesions.
All Skin Types - Problematic, Impure, Acne.

1 oz - $29.00


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Rosacea Serum

Several incredible components go into Rosacea Serum to make it a superior product not just for rosacea-prone skin, but for sensitive, reactive skins as well. Rosacea Serum provides a high degree of environmental protection (against UV, pollution, stress) and is recommended pre- and post-peeling/resurfacing/IPL. Promoting angiogenesis, sensitive skin conditions will also benefit from the strengthening and healing properties of Rosacea Serum.
Capillary Fragility, Rosacea, Acne Rosacea, Sensitive Skin.

0.5 oz - $16.00


1 oz - $30.00

Sea Gems

Sea Gems, with its specialized strains from deep sea waters, provides protective and corrective functions, wrinkle reduction, fortifies with oligo elements, and strengthens skin tissues while plant stem cells spur on new cells, resulting in a healthier, more vibrant skin. Sea Gems inspires healthy DNA mechanisms and enhances mitochondrial ability, protects DNA and mtDNA. and optimizes copper utilization lamination, infuses trace minerals, strengthens and protects, and assists in the production of ATP.    All Skin Types - Photo-Aged, Sensitive.

0.25 oz - $24.00


1 oz - $75.00

Satin Peptide Serum

With a new mitochondria formulation driven by a special nano-complex for quick delivery into the skin, Satin Peptide is a potent blend of active “age-defying” peptides, hydrators, and antioxidants for serious age management. Containing a unique sequence of peptides (amino acids) and biomimetic peptides, the proteins in Satin Peptide send a signal within the skin structure to make more protein (collagen) - resulting in firmer, thicker skin to lessen wrinkling and photo-damage. The advantage of this formula is the added strengthening benefits of soybean proteins and resveratrol - active hydrators and antioxidants that provide potent age-reducing support to aid with the repair of free radical damage.  Photo-Damaged, Fine Lines, Wrinkles, Hyper-pigmented.


1 oz - $75.00

Amino Peptide Serum

Amino Peptide Serum offers the benefit of age-defying peptides that includes our freezing peptide and wrinkle-reducing peptides combined with our Advanced Moisture Complex for the ultimate in hydration. All skin types will benefit from this elite rejuvenator. Amino Peptide is a superior preventative and ageless serum that increases collagen production and slows the skin aging process.
All Skin Types - Premature Aging.


1 oz - $75.00

Peptide 38

Peptide 38, Rhonda Allison’s newest peptide formulation, uses the cutting-edge technology of next-generation peptide formulas to create the most powerful peptide complex to date. With a combination of very unique ingredients in just the right balance to give skin an extra edge in the aging business, this ageless beauty cocktail offers the skin continued regeneration support – reversing the signs of aging, keeping fine lines at bay and firming skin. With the added benefits of essential oils for oxygenating and rejuvenating benefits, skin will immediately feel plumper and more buoyant.  All Skin Types - Photo-Damaged, Aging.


1 oz - $95.00

Antioxidant Complex Serum

This is a firming, toning, strengthening, moisture-binding, wrinkle-reducing antioxidant. Antioxidant Complex Serum may be used for all skin types, even for acne-prone skin, giving skin a powerful boost of antioxidants and is beneficial to apply daily with or without additional moisturizer. The biopeptides provide an instant firming and toning feel and with regular use, the skin becomes healthier and stronger.
All Skin Types - Environmentally Stressed, Photo-Damaged.

1 oz - $40.00


1.7 oz - $65.00

Therapy E Serum

Considered an antioxidant super star, Vitamin E is a potent, soothing ingredient with vital rebuilding properties to aid in the repair of scar tissue with antioxidant, hydrating, and humectant benefits. With D-Alpha Tocopherol, an important oil-soluble antioxidant and free radical scavenger, Vitamin E also has absorbing and moisturizing benefits as well as natural preservative properties because it protects against oxidation. Therapy E Serum is a light serum that glides easily onto skin and absorbs quickly. One of our simple gems that any skin can use.
All Skin Types - All Skin Conditions.

1 oz - $20.00

Pumpkin E Serum

Pumpkin E Serum is a “treatment” serum that may be used on most skin types 1-2 times a week. It is a very concentrated serum containing D-Alpha Tocopherol and the natural extracts of pumpkin seed oil (beta-carotene, zinc, salicylic acid, retinol). This silky, velvety serum supplies skin with potent antioxidants and valuable hydration support.
All Skin Types - Oxygen-Deprived.

0.25 oz - $15.00

Grape Seed Hydrating Serum

Grape Seed Hydrating Serum is a concentrate of pure grape seed extract and essential oils. The natural aroma and light airy feel to the skin creates a very pleasant experience for the client as well as enhancing the benefits of the treatment. It may be used with Grape Seed Parfait Mask and massaged into the skin following microdermabrasion and other exfoliations. Grape Seed Hydrating Serum is a wonderful retail product and may be included in the home maintenance facial, post care support, and for additional moisture and antioxidant support under Blushed Wine Gel.  All Skin Types - Sun Exposed Dehydrated

1 oz - $16.50


1.7 oz - $30.00

Hydra Complex Serum

Hydra Complex Serum is a light, all-natural, nutritious nighttime cocktail for the skin. Many skin types will welcome the antioxidant support this light serum offers, but it is especially beneficial for pre- and post-menopausal skin, very dry skin, acne conditions and young adolescents experiencing abnormal skin activity from hormonal changes.
All Skin Types - Dry Acne, Hormonal Acne, Sun-Depleted, Oily.

1 oz - $30.00


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Eye & Lip Renew Serum

This unique and exotic serum melts into delicate eye tissue (above and under eyes) and transforms eyes to a more dewy, youthful, softened appearance. Notice a remarkable difference in 30 days of continued use. Watch eyelids become less dry and coarse and see fine lines diminish. Hydrates tired and dry eye area, Reduces crow’s feet and puffiness,  Restores youthful-looking eyes, Lessens lip lines for supple lips, Protects from premature aging.

0.5 oz - $95.00

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