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Osmosis Skin Care Products 


"This revolutionary skin care line is for anybody who is looking for dramatic results driven skin care!

Osmosis Philosophy
Osmosis has a different focus than most skin care lines; We believe in creating a partnership with the skin. This partnership includes utilizing ingredients that the skin recognizes,
Maintaining the epidermal barrier while focusing most of our attention on the dermis, virtually eliminating inflammation during repair and feeding the skin through increasing blood flow. The combination of these strategies in conjunction with our unique ability to penetrate the skin without harming it make this line the best in the world at restoring skin health and returning it to a more youthful state.
"First do no harm" is associated with Hippocratic Oath and it is a philosophy that seems to have been forgotten with traditional skin care.
Osmosis is an all-natural, artificial preservative (paraben), color and fragrance free line that is specifically designed to calm (not cause) inflammation while maintaining epidermal integrity to maximize and focus the skin's repair efforts on pre-existing conditions without creating new ones.
Ingredient penetration is next emphasis of OSMOSIS and it should be the first question anyone asks about their skin care line. Osmosis has the most advanced delivery system available,
phosphatidylcholine liposomes (the same material is in our skin's cell walls) , which are proven in research to increase penetration 1000%.
Osmosis utilizes the skin's strongest and most active antioxidants (17 of them ) to keep the focus on repair and remodeling of existing conditions by reducing free radical damage seen daily
through environmental, food and sun related trauma.
To summarize, Osmosis is cruelty free, paraben free, artificial fragrance, color and additive free. It is water soluble, plant based and uses more active ingredients per serum than any other line in the world.
The ingredients are chirally corrected (whenever possible). Osmosis innovative lab partnership brings affordability to the line. Osmosis targets the dermis because that is the only place that significant aging occurs and protects the epidermis because that is critical to the health and efficiency of the skin. Also, better than anyone else in the world, Osmosis penetrates wonderful ingredients into the deep epidermis and dermis so that they can go to work to restore your skin's beauty, youth and luster."

By Dr. Ben Johnson -founder of Osmosis

Latest Osmosis news: (click here)



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Osmosis Cleanse

(All skin types; best for sensitive skin)

Stimulate the senses with a hint of peppermint while this luxurious gentle cleanser effectively removes dirt, makeup and environmental toxins without drying out the skin or stripping the skin of its natural protective lipid barrier. Cleanse is free of sodium lauryl sulfate; instead, Osmosis uses soothing, natural kiwi and kumquat derivatives to purify the skin. The end result is refreshed, hydrated and radiant skin. (This product is Oncology Friendly)

50 ml - $21.00

200 ml- $37.00


Osmosis Purify cleanser

(All skin types)

Infused with bromelain to gently smooth the frayed edges of photodamaged skin without removing the protective lipid barrier. Sweet orange and lemon essential oils create a pleasing citrus scent and give the skin a naturally clean feel.

(This product is Oncology Friendly) 

7 ml - $8.00

50 ml - $21.00

200 ml- $37.00


Osmosis Deep Clean cleanser

(All skin types; best for blemished or oily skin)

Osmosis Deep Clean cleanser is comprised of a unique combination of coconut surfactants and citrus essential oils such as lemongrass, lemon and grapefruit to remove deep impurities and yet remains gentle enough for all skin types. 

50 ml - $21.00

200 ml- $37.00


Osmosis Clear

(All skin types)

Clear is Harmonized Water, which contains scalar waves that promote healthy skin. It aids in product penetration and stabilizes bacteria levels while empowering rejuvenation.Osmosis

15 ml- $6.00

100 ml- $26.00


Osmosis Clear Plus

(All skin types)

Osmosis Clear Plus has the beneficial frequencies of Clear and added active ingredients to firm, hydrate, soothe and nourish the skin all with a light citrus scent.

100 ml- $30.00


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Osmosis Relieve serum (level 1)

(Very sensitive or inflamed skin.)

Relieve is designed for sensitive skin types who desire a dramatic restoration of the skin rejuvenation process. The most gentle of our vitamin A serums, this formula addresses skin immunity to allow for healing and repair.

30 ml - $16.00

30 ml - $68.00


Osmosis Calm serum (level 2)

(Sensitive skin)

Calm is designed for moderately-sensitive skin types who desire a dramatic restoration of the skin rejuvenation process. The Osmosis vitamin A serums are the most powerful age-reversing serums available. It encourages the skin to calm inflammation, restore the protective barrier, increase skin nutrients and immune repair, rebuild the thin dermis, normalize oil, hydrate, firm and protect skin from UV rays.

30 ml - $78.00


Osmosis Correct serum (level 3)

(Normal skin)

Correct is designed for normal skin types who desire a dramatic restoration of the skin rejuvenation process. This formula sets up the ideal environment for aging skin to remodel itself through increased skin nutrients, collagen production and elasticity.

7 ml - $18.00

30 ml - $78.00


Osmosis Renew  serum  (Level 4)

(Resilient or conditioned skin)

Renew is designed for resilient or conditioned skin types who desire a dramatic restoration of the skin rejuvenation process. The most potent combination of fibroblast stimulators encourages the reversal of the skin aging.

30 ml - $88.00


Osmosis Clarify

(Blemished and oily skin)

This Osmosis blemish serum clears blemishes, normalizes oil production, shrinks pores, increases skin's immune support, hydrates, calms inflammation, protects skin from UV rays, restores the epidermal barrier, and restores dermal thickness.

30 ml - $60.00


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osmosis dna repair c serum

DNA Repair C Serum

(Aging, Blemish-Prone, Pigmented, Dry skin)

Uniquely formulated, this super serum activates our cell's innate repair functions to dramatically improve tone and texture. Discover a serum that goes more than skin deep, repairing DNA by 33% revealing your healthiest complexion.

30 ml - $110.00

osmosis Antioxidant Infusion Serum

Osmosis Antioxidant Infusion Serum

(Sensitive skin)

Infuse the skin with high potency antioxidants to help prevent aging and reduce inflammation caused by sun overexposure.

30 ml - $80.00

osmosis growth factor serum

Growth Factor Serum

(Aging, Sensitive, Irritated, Pigmented, Dry Skin)

The 'fountain of youth' in a bottle. This one-of-a-kind serum is powered by over 150 different growth factors with advanced technology to rejuvenate, heal, and protect for visibly younger-looking skin after just one use.

(click here for more info on Growth Factor Serum)


30 ml - $110.00


Osmosis Catalyst AC-11 (Level 3)

(All skin types)

The DNA repair serums are the second most powerful age-reversing serums available. Catalyst AC-11 is our level 3 serum, appropriate for all skin types. It contains a patented formula that activates your natural zinc finger remodeling process, which is a critical part of DNA repair. In addition, this product contains the patented technology AC-11 that is proven to increase DNA repair by 33%. The unique combination of vitamin C, amino acids and minerals also encourages the skin to increase collagen and elastin production, promotes wound healing and improves sun protection. The benefits of these serums c an be seen with skin tags, broken capillaries, fine lines and wrinkles, scarring, and pigmentation.

30 ml - $130.00


Osmosis Enlighten Pigment-Fading serum

(hydroquinone-free, Pigmented, uneven, photodamaged skin)

This Osmosis pigment-fading serum lightens skin and diminishes the appearance of age spots. We only recommend this product to be used to spot treat during the initial phases of our hyperpigmentation protocol. The formula contains no hydroquinone or other toxic ingredients; however, overall facial use exposes skin to damaging UV rays (as all skin lighteners do) so we strongly recommend spot treating.

30 ml - $65.00


Osmosis Replenish serum

(All skin types)

This Osmosis antioxidant serum can be used in any regimen as a preventative measure against free radical damage. It can also be used in your age-reversing regimen as an alternative to the vitamin A serums if your skin does not tolerate vitamin A. It is an important addition to any protocol if you have excessive sun exposure.

7 ml - $18.00

30 ml - $80.00


Osmosis StemFactor serum

(all skin types)

Over 150 different skin growth factors derived from adult stem cells create this magical serum that improves all aspects of skin aging and skin damage. Advanced technology utilizing exosomes that encapsulate the growth factors and proteins increasing penetration, stability and activating more receptors to enhance results.. It gently restores the repair process and stimulates new cells to build collagen and elastin, heal hyperpigmentation and reverse aging.

7 ml - $26.00

30 ml - $140.00


Osmosis Rescue serum

(All skin types)

This Osmosis epidermal repair serum contains a revolutionary, patented, new ingredient that combines modern technology and an ancient Oriental medicinal herb. Trioxolane, a specialized extract of sweet wormwood, has a remarkable ability to neutralize toxins, calm inflammation, activate epidermal wound repair, minimize the appearance of pores and age spots (an effect that lasts even after use is discontinued), and dramatically improves skin texture.

30 ml - $120.00


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Osmosis Quench moisturizer

(Dry skin)

Osmosis Quench contains high amounts of hyaluronic acid, organic shea butter, and jojoba seed oil to provide various lipids that restore the epidermal barrier. It also contains advanced peptides to aid in skin rejuvenation.  (This product is Oncology Friendly) 

(click here for more info on Quench & Quench+)

7 ml - $12.00

30 ml - $50.00

200 ml - $190.00

osmosis quench plus

Quench Plus+ moisturizer

(Fine lines and dry skin)

Osmosis Quench Plus + is formulated with a powerful plumper to reduce fine lines and wrinkles while firming and evening your skin tone. It is delicately scented with white grapefruit and bergamot that is sure to lift your senses. This anti-aging hydrator is perfect to use under your mineral makeup to leave you with not only a photo finish but a silky feel. (This product is Oncology Friendly)

7 ml - $14.00

30 ml - $60.00


Osmosis Immerse Moisture Booster

(Very dry or irritated skin)

Osmosis Immerse used to calm and soothe very dry skin or to promote wound healing. Immerse contains powerful antioxidants from raspberry oil, vitamin E, and calendula along with barrier-restoring natural lipids.

30 ml - $62.00


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Osmosis Refresh Eye Serum

(Dark circles, puffiness and fine lines)

This powerful eye serum utilizes ingredients that work with the skin to effectively reduce puffiness, lines, and dark circles. It also contains proven actives that increase collagen and elastin as well as to firm and protect the delicate layers around the eye.

15 ml-$60.00


Osmosis Refresh PM Eye Repair Serum

(Dry skin and fine lines)

Refresh PM is an intensely-moisturizing eye serum that helps restore a healthy barrier and plump fine lines around the eyes, while providing protection and improvement to this delicate area.

(Oncology Aesthetics Approved)

15 ml-$68.00


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Osmosis Hydralift (Firming Gel Mask)

(Dehydrated, Aging skin)

Hydralift Firming Gel Mask is a hydrating and firming mask that promotes soothing and tightening benefits for all skin types. Powerful ingredients add hydration to the skin that aid in plumping and firming. Soothing and calming Cucumber extract provides a cooling and healing effect to most irritated skins while Aloe Vera helps to speed up cell renewal by up to 8 times and quickly penetrates the epidermis for intense, immediate hydration.

30 ml-



Osmosis Polish Enzyme Firming Mask

(All skin types, unless over-exfoliated)

Polish is our delicious cranberry enzyme-smoothing, peptide-firming, antioxidant mask. It is a mild, exfoliating mask that gives the skin a smooth, healthy appearance with each application through the use of cranberry enzymes with small amounts of L-lactic Acid. It contains 1% of the potent antioxidant CoQ10 that leaves your skin protected and radiant. Using fruit and other gentle enzymes, Polish is designed to remove only the exfoliating epidermal layers by primarily cleaving protein (keratin) and minimizing lipid removal. In addition, Polish provides a gentle firming effect and a radiant glow that lasts for many hours which leaves your skin firm, smooth and beautiful.

7 ml - $9.00

30 ml - $50.00


Osmosis Repair healing mask

(Inflamed or post-procedure skin that is intact)

Dramatically enhance healing and calm inflamed and irritated skin with Repair - our potent healing mask. With a unique combination of repair promoting ingredients this mask not only soothes wounded and inflamed skin but also encourages barrier repair. Boosts immune function and calms inflammation. 

30 ml - $56.00


Osmosis Pore Minimizing Clay Purifying Mask

(Acneic and/or Oily skin)

Osmosis Pore Minimizing Clay Purifying Mask is a non-drying clay based mask that detoxifies and balances oily, blemished prone skin, without disrupting the oil/moisture content. Texture is refined and smoothed while pores are greatly minimized due to the regulation efforts of the key active ingredients. Impure skin has met its match!

30 ml-



Osmosis Tropical Mango Mask

(all skin)

Osmosis Tropical Mango Mask. The combination of nut and fruit butters and oils nourishes, hydrates, and restores the skin's lipid barrier. With ingredients rich in vitamins, minerals and anti-inflammatory properties skin is soothed and replenished.

30 ml-



Latest Osmosis news:

"Osmosis Relieve, our newest Vitamin A Serum. Recommended for all skin types, especially very sensitive skin, acne and rosacea. Relieve works to calm, remodel, restore the skin and is fragrance free! Formulated with .025% Retinaldehyde providing gentle cell turnover, combined with potent antioxidants and key ingredients to bring nutrition and circulation to the skin. The immune system doesn't just fight infection, it repairs the damage our skin sustains over time. Osmosis empowers repair at every level using exclusive and patented bio-actives that nourish and improve every aspect of immune activity. This includes collagen and elastin production, DNA repair and assists in the resolution of every skin condition."

"Youtube interview with Dr Ben Johnson by Brianna Stanko Incredible Anti-Aging Science with Dr Ben Johnson, the creator of Osmosis Skincare! He truly thinks outside the box when it comes to treating the skin and I love his holistic approach! Remember, all skincare formulators have their own theories when it comes to anti-aging and the skin....these are his and I hope you all enjoy this as much as I did. As you ALL know, Osmosis skincare has been one of my favorite brands since I discovered it over a year ago now."


"For years I have been advocating that melasma is caused by a fungus. The problem has been finding something that specifically kills that fungus. We are excited to announce the launch of Osmosis Restore®, a truly remarkable internal supplement and topical serum that not only removes the fungus from the body but also heals the liver damage that is caused. Restore® is a highly specialized formulation that boosts your body's immune function and repair process internally and topically by treating:

* Aging body and skin (all ages)
* Melasma, Hyperpigmentation, Liver and Age Spots
* Weak or Suppressed Immune System

The results happen in the first three to six months of use. There are no side effects, but numerous benefits both topically and internally. Hyperpigmentation plagues everyone over 40 and there is not a permanent answer for it. People have burned their skin with lasers and peels and used topical irritants and toxins in an effort to try and get a temporary response. Our solution is both permanent and cost effective.
Research shows that likely causes of aging are the accumulation of free radicals and protein damage found in the body. Protein oxidation occurs daily in our cells and is also the result of free radicals; with the buildup of this damage, premature aging occurs. No longer is treating free-radicals enough to prevent aging. Restore® enhances the body's ability to repair broken (toxic) proteins considerably, thereby reducing the progression of aging, disease, and inflammation.
Immune rejuvenation is possible so give your immune system the upgrade it needs to combat an aging body and skin. It will forever change your life! "

                                                           by Dr. Ben Johnson



DNA Repair for the most sensitive of skin!
Lately we have been telling you about some remarkable new products that are revolutionizing skincare as we know it. We are excited to introduce the NEW Catalyst Plus+, an aloe based gel formulation that can be used on the most sensitive of skin.
It's very important to understand what is going on with Catalyst and Catalyst Plus+. As you may know, Catalyst is the first ever DNA repair serum on the market. It corrects and improves skin tags, actinic keratoisis and other skin disturbances that require DNA repair, along with dramatic lightening results to pigmentation and scar tissue revision.
What's unique about Catalyst Plus+ is that rather the using 10% L-Ascorbic Acid as we do in Catalyst, we're using 20% Ascorbyl Glucoside in the new Catalyst Plus formula. After long and extensive research Osmosis determined that Ascorbyl Glucoside is the most stable form of Vitamin C. The neat thing about this is that it is a sustained released product, giving your skin the time it needs to break apart the glucoside from the L-Ascorbic Acid, and delivering fresh Vitamin C into your skin.
No longer should red bumps or discoloration of the skin occur from oxidized Vitamin C. People with Rosacea will find that this is a better-tolerated formula due to the slow release of L-Ascorbic Acid into the skin. The new Catalyst Plus+ contains all of the components used to create the zinc finger technology but with one added attribute, aloe, adding a nice soothing quality about it. Be aware that there may be a response with purging skin for a couple of weeks after beginning use.
Catalyst Plus + is a wonderful addition to the strategy and treatment of hyperpigmentation used in combination with Restore Topical and Restore Internal. Now you can achieve all of the great results you saw with Catalyst for all skin types!"

      by Dr. Ben Johnson


How long does someone need to be off Accutane before switching to Osmosis products? "Accutane will stay in the system for 1-3 years ...sadly. That means that inflammatory procedures should be avoided. However, Osmosis does not cause inflammation and should be well tolerated at any stage of Accutane use. "



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